Video Guitar Lessons Have Their Advantages - It might seem a little odd to take lessons from a filmed person online or on a VHS tape or DVD, but the truth is this type of learning works very well for a lot of students.

The Doors Biography And Top Songs - The Doors were an American band and were formed in Venice Beach in 1965 and consisted of Jim Morrison (Vocals), Robby Krieger (Guitarist), Ray Manzarek (Keyboards) and John Densmore (Drums).

building a guitar the machine heads - Ever wondered why some guitars never stay in tune or sound flat? Terry Buddell built a weissenborn slide guitar recently and here in part three of 'Building a guitar' Terry shares some of his tips and hints.

Hammer Ons Pull Offs and Tapping in Lead Guitar - Some of the greatest guitar compositions have made it to the hall of fame thanks to their lead guitarists.

Listened To Books Recently - Digital AudioBooks are setting a new trend in today's time starved world, where people just don't have the luxury of time to sit and read a book.

Buying Perfume Online - Buying perfume online is increasingly popular, but there are some pitfalls to to the online shopping experience.

Have Sex - An indepth review on how easy it is to have sex from using adult dating services.

Mysterious Ways of Women And How To Understand Her - There are a lot of men who mistake some of the ways that their girlfriend or wife will conduct themselves.

The Reaching Beyond Psychic - Are you looking for a reaching beyond psychic? The good news here is that there are plenty to be found on the internet.

Glass Wedding FavorsWhy They Make A Perfect Gift - Do you need to find wedding favors that will tell your guests how much you appreciate them sharing your special day with you? Then you need to find glass wedding favors.

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