The Doors Biography And Top Songs

The Doors were an American band and were formed in Venice Beach in 1965 and consisted of Jim Morrison (Vocals), Robby Krieger (Guitarist), Ray Manzarek (Keyboards) and John Densmore (Drums). Jim Morrison made the band famous with his controversial lyrics and outrageous stage performances and antics. Jim was originally a poet and songwriter, and being my favourite singer of all time has inspired me to write many poems and songs over the years and until recently I have never shared them with anyone. The Doors have sold over 80 million albums worldwide and still continue to sell roughly 1 million per year and have had numerous chart-toppers such as Light My Fire, People Are Strange, Break On Through, L.A. Woman, Riders On The Storm, Touch Me, Love Me Two Times and The End.

The Doors released many albums during their years before Jim's death, the most notable being The Doors, Strange Days, Morrison Hotel, L.A. Woman and not forgetting Jim's An American Prayer (which was a great inspiration to me and my poems when I was younger). Jim unfortunately died age 27 on July 3rd 1971 and with him went the end of an era but even though he is gone memories of him will live forever. Jim was found dead in his bathtub and there has been many debates over the years about the actual cause of death but as there was never an autopsy the actual cause of death will forever be a mystery.

My top 10 favourite Doors songs are: 01. People Are Strange 02. Touch Me 03.

Break On Through 04. The End 05. Back Door Man 06. Stoned Immaculate 07. Alabama Song/Whiskey Bar 08. Love Street 09.

Five To One 10. The Wasp (Texas Radio And The Big Beat).

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