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The reason we are alive is to have sex. If sex did not feel so good there would be no where NEAR 6 billion people on the planet. Fortunately, it is a goal that is easily obtainable when the method is sound and time tested. Yes, you CAN have sex tonight! Read on for a step by step plan. First, you need to use a well known, respected, and strategically situated adult dating site that is designed to attract like minded horny people to its ranks. Forget about the ordinary dating sites; they attract people not really sure what they want.

YOU are looking for sex, right? Then you need to hunt on fertile grounds. Adult sex dating has consistently advanced to a higher level of respectability and class. Only riff raff and low status males use the "free" personals. Those with a higher degree of respect for them selves and their future sex partners will step above the refuse and utilize a first rate adult site. For the cost of a dinner for two at a fast food joint, one can find multiple sex partners for an extremely satisfying sex life.

Condoms are highly recommended because when you enter the world of the highly sexed, you are going to get serious action. and faster than you might imagine. The overwhelming majority of my clients who join a quality adult dating service report finding at least one sex partner within 24 hours of joining.

Here's a valuable tip: Always sign up with the option that allows free member to contact YOU. But do NOT be a free member yourself. Sounds contradictory but in fact is a productive strategy that has worked for my clients time and time again. You see, as a free member you cannot contact 95% of the other members but when you allow free members to contact YOU it gives you an advantage over most other members who do not choose this option. Always post a nude picture of yourself for your profile and you will get tons of attention. assuming you are in half way decent shape.

For women, men always like to see a nicely shaped derriere and of course boobs, so don't be shy. Men: you don't have to be "large" to find women interested in your body. It helps for women who like large men of course, but believe me, there are plenty of women who prefer smaller to average sized men.

So guys let it all hang out and happy hunting!.

Dr. Molly Goodman is president and founder of the Goodman Institute for Better Sex. For an honest review of the top rated adult dating site see

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