Mysterious Ways of Women And How To Understand Her

There are a lot of men who mistake some of the ways that their girlfriend or wife will conduct themselves. It's hard to understand both sexes because they don't think alike. Women think more with their heart and feelings, while men tend to think about logic and reality.

After you read this, you will be able to better understand your mate and you will be able to have better and stronger relationship. 1) The Confusing Silence Men assume that if women are not talking then they must be mad, however that is not always the case. The silent treatment is given a lot after arguments; however, it does not always mean that silence is a key tip that she is mad. First, sometimes women just need some time where they can just relax.

After you have a hard day at work, all you want to do is read a book, watch some TV, or just sit in silence. That does not mean that she is mad. It may mean things like she is tired, she wants to relax, she wants to be by herself, but it is not always about the people around her.

2) Obsessive cleaning You will notice that your girlfriend or wife is cleaning and really scrubbing the dishes, however, it may seem like she is mad or frustrated. Some women do obsessively clean when they are frustrated, but there are many women who just like to be clean. Cleaning to women has nothing to do with relationships or how they see you. Not all women feel the need to clean up because their mate won't or that their mate is messy.

Sometimes a woman will just get in the mood to clean. 3) Fighting Have you ever come home with a seemingly happy day and just end up getting yelled at by your lady. You may think that she is really unhappy with you, but the truth is that you're not the problem. You will find that things in her day will make her feel awful and with you seeming happy would be when the saying "misery loves company" comes into play. The next time she jumps you before you even kick off your shoes, maybe you should take a moment to ask her what it really is about. 4) Her confusing behavior of crying Women have so much emotion in them; they have to cry every now and then and do not take it personally.

Something that you do or do not do may set them off, but it is usually not about you. It can be a lot things all balled up inside her. You may come home to your wife or girlfriend sitting in the dark crying, however, it is not always about anything.

Women just need to cry. Some have a schedule where they watch sad movies and they have a good cry. It is usually nothing personal; just ask her if there is anything you can do or not do and make her a cup of tea. 5) Nagging You may think that your woman is always on your case all day long, however, there is something underneath the obvious that is bothering her. The first thing that you are going to want to ask her is what this fit is really about.

Ask her about her day, ask her about her mother, ask her about anything that might have set her of to release some anguish on you. Nagging is more from frustrations and if you ask her what it is that she would like you do, like chores (which both partners should have); you'll be able to reduce the nagging. 6) Half of smile You may think that you just did the best thing for her in the world and then you get the half of smile. This sometimes is overlooked because the man is so happy about the accomplishments that he has achieved, however, the half of smile is not happiness. The half of smile means that she isn't going to let it go in the future, but right now will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Later on, her true feelings will come out and there will be a fight. If you ever notice the half of smile, then you may want to ask her and assure her that it doesn't that much to you, but you just want them to be as happy as possible. As long as they are happy, you will be happy, and that means sometimes taking back the things that you put some thought into. 7) Finally, the behavior to have things coordinate This is often confused by men to be controlling.

However, women just to have things match and look good because they are under a lot of pressure to dress well decorate the house well, and to make everything in their lives look perfect. Society puts a lot of pressure on women to be the ultimate homemaker and woman. If you just allow her to do her thing and not put up too much of a fight, you will find she will feel complete and you will be happy with a happy woman. These seven behaviors are mistaken everyday and now that you have seen things from the other side, you will be able to make your home a happy one. You will also find that your days will be filled with less arguments and more laughs. As a man, you'll find that the nagging will stop and your woman will feel a lot better about the relationship, because you'll seem to understand her more.

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