Plastic Mugs Can Prove Versatile Promotional Items

Plastic mugs can differ widely in features, shapes and sizes. You have clear plastic mugs that resemble glass, or plastic mugs that have an unusual tint such as sparkle or opaque. This modern material is very versatile indeed.

It is this versatility that make plastic mugs excellent promotional mugs. You can have your promotional mugs designed in a way to fit in with your business or the typical recipient's tastes. The following are a few of the types of plastic mugs you can choose from.

  • Standard Plastic Mugs: These hard-wearing plastic mugs are extremely sturdy and will not shatter like glass can if dropped. They can come in pleasing colours with solid looks and comfortable handling properties.

    Practical and dishwasher safe, they are excellent for your hot beverages.

  • Classic Plastic Mugs: These plastic mugs are ultra modern in design and have a wonderful rounded design to them. Incredibly durable, these mugs will be a long-lasting promotional item for your business.
  • Recycled Mugs: Recycled mugs are made from recycled plastic and are a fantastic option for your business if you are concerned about the environment. Not only do these recycled mugs look great, but they also send out a clear, environmentally green message.

    Perhaps add the recycle logo to maximise your 'green' message.

  • Travel Mugs: Plastic travel mugs allow you to carry beverages during your travels. These can come with dual wall insulation, drink through lids and other pleasing features.

    Travel mugs can be used not only during regular travel, but also during a picnic to the park, for carrying baby food or by busy executives to get a quick nourishing drink in the midst of their hectic schedule.

Plastic mugs are ideal for the poolside or beach. They are safe for children to handle, as due to the plastic's hardwearing properties there are no concerns if the mug is dropped. Plastic mugs are excellent as giveaways during trade shows and other occasions. They can be customized to fit in with your business, or to make them stand out from the crowd of promotional mugs.

Make them appealing enough to make people want to keep them (and use them), print your logo or promotional message attractively onto the mugs, and hand them out at different types of events. You can get long-lasting publicity from these durable products.

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